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What makes IDP Education such a valuable resource?

IDP Education is a global leader in the advancement of international education.  It is the world’s largest student placement firm, is a driver of significant market research, and, as a partner in the IELTS English language proficiency test, is committed to quality and professionalism.  IDP’s approach has significantly contributed to the success that Australia has realised as the most vibrant international student market in the world.

IDP Education was established by Australia's universities in 1969 as an international education aid organisation, building skills and resources in South East Asian universities.  IDP Education’s role expanded to include international student placement and English language testing.

Today, IDP Education has a staff of more than 1,000 people in more than 70 offices throughout more than 20 countries.  One out of every four international students in an Australian higher education program was placed by IDP, and international students comprise nearly one quarter of the post-secondary students in Australia.  With a pledge to only positively impact our core Australia market, the company has expanded into a multi-source, multi-destination student placement firm; a grand vision that upgrades the company’s core systems to better serve its key Australian stakeholders while enabling the growth into different locations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

IDP Education is a major sponsor of research into international education, and pioneered the forecasting of international student trends and growth.  The company sponsors the Database of Research in International Education, and in 1987 founded the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC), which has grown to become a major event on the international education calendar and is proudly co-sponsored by the International Education Association of Australia.  IDP Education also manages a developing English training division.

IDP Education is part-owner of IELTS – the world’s leading English language proficiency test – with the British Council and the University of Cambridge.  More than 1 million people from 44 countries take the IELTS test each year, and it is recognised by more than 2,000 U.S. universities, colleges and professional associations.  To learn more about the test, visit

IDP Education is now jointly-owned by 38 Australian universities and SEEK Limited, Australia’s leading online employment and training company.  The organisation is truly a global entity that recognises the importance of overseas study for all parties involved, and is dedicated to improving people’s lives through international education.

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